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I’m a United Methodist who supports Marriage as a covenant between one man and one woman.

The Petition

We affirm The United Methodist Church’s official teaching in its Book of Discipline that marriage is the union of man and woman; affirming sex “only within the covenant of monogamous, heterosexual marriage;” and prohibiting clergy and churches from celebrating same-sex rites. We stand with the Council of Bishops in upholding our Discipline and with thousands of pastors who also uphold their vows. Unrepentant clergy who betray our church covenant against same-sex rites, including one retired bishop, should NOT continue as ministers of our church.

Our pastors should keep their word, and our church must support marriages and families based on God’s Word rather than ever shifting secular American culture.

What's this all About?

On October 26, 2013 a retired United Methodist bishop defied United Methodist Church law by celebrating a same-sex union. Several other clergy around the country have very publicly defied the United Methodist prohibition on same-sex unions, while hundreds of others have boasted of their willingness to do so. Some active bishops have quietly avoided enforcing our denomination’s biblical standards in various ways, even in some cases making very clear that they will disregard the church law they are charged to enforce, instead allowing clergy in their area to perform same-sex union ceremonies or personally be sexually active outside of man-woman marriage.

Since 1972, the United Methodist Church has continuously reaffirmed at its governing General Conference biblical standards on marriage and sexual behavior. The current disobedience against church law by some clergy reflects a growing consensus that, as theologically liberal churches lose members and conservative churches grow, especially in Africa, United Methodism will not legislatively change its biblical standards.

It is time for Bible-believing United Methodists to make our voices heard that this disruptive radical minority does not speak for the rest of us, and that the people of our denomination will insist on our leaders being biblically faithful and keeping their word.

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